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I began piano in 1959, guitar a year or so later, and French horn in 1967. I began writing music in 1962 and entered my first young composers’ competition that year. Music earned me my pocket-change throughout college and graduate school. My genres include pop, Latin, Brazilian, jazz, classical, Tin Pan Alley, British Invasion, country, and American folk. These recordings were made on my Roland KR107 Digital Piano.


Album One: Robert F. Graboyes, Original Compositions (2011-1015).

All songs © Robert F. Graboyes


Railhead | Calendrical | Filamentos |  Sanctuary on the Edge | Seen and Unseen, Heard and Unheard | Balm for a Helix | Printing the Hand |


Waltz for Two Abstractions | Carraway’s Bridge | Peregrination of the Bear | Arachne Pondering a Portrait of Sweet Tooth | Train to Perdition



Album Two: Robert F. Graboyes, Original Compositions (2008-1015).

All songs © Robert F. Graboyes


Mr. Foster’s Miasma | Golden, Madrid, Cerrillos | Mojave Rocks | Hasenpot | To Helen (after Poe) | The Rainbow (after Wordsworth) | Perfidious Avenue |


American Byway | Holy Hour | Storm on the Way | Wrong Alley, 243am | Ima Lives! | Frog Comin Back | Fish n Circumstance | Sidewalk Switchback |


Uh, Oh | Spring Digout | American Byway Fanfare



Album Three: Robert F. Graboyes, Improvisations (2011-1015).

All arrangements © Robert F. Graboyes


Battle Hymn of the Republic | John Henry | Dark Eyes | Listen to the Mockingbird | Go Tell It on the Mountain | Barbara Ellen | Down by the Riverside |


Erie Canal | Entrance of the Gladiators | Joshua Fought the Battle