Robert F. Graboyes, MSHA, PhD

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My employer

·       Mercatus The Mercatus Center @ George Mason University

My academic departments

·       VCU Virginia Commonwealth University | SAHP School of Allied Health Professions | DHA Department of Health Administration

·       UVa University of Virginia | SON School of Nursing

·       GMU George Mason University | HSML Department of Health Administration and Policy

·       GWU The George Washington University | HSML Department of Health Services Management and Leadership

Organizations where I have or have had an affiliation

·       Altarum Altarum Institute | AIER American Institute for Economic Research | ASHE American Society of Health Economists | GIC Global Interdependence Center | iHEA International Health Economics Association | KSPH Kazakhstan School of Public Health | NABE National Association for Business Economics | NEC National Economists Club | NCPA National Center for Policy Analysis

Blogs (RSS feeds. Enter these into an aggregator to get real-time feeds. A mix of conservative, libertarian, liberal, and none of the above.)

·       Politics & Policy: Instapundit (Glenn Reynolds) | Ann Althouse | Iowahawk | American Prospect | Heritage Foundation |
Cato Institute |
Commentary |  Real Clear Politics | Wall Street Journal | New America Foundation | The American Interest (Walter Russell Mead) | National Review Online (NRO) | Jennifer Rubin | The Corner (NRO)

·       Economics: EconLog | Freakonomics | Marginal Revolution | Greg Mankiw

·       Healthcare: Critical Condition (NRO) | Health Affairs | The Health Care Blog | InsureBlog | John Goodman Blog | ObamaCareWatch | Kaiser Family Foundation | Wall Street Journal Health | Incidental Economist | Commonwealth Fund | Bob Laszewski | Jason Shafrin


·        270towin Electoral vote, Senate, House maps | CQ Congressional Quarterly | Electoral-vote Another electoral vote site | Intrade Betting markets on political questions | Iowa Markets Betting markets on political questions | RealClearPolitics Excellent aggregator of political commentary and news from different viewpoints | Thomas.gov Official Congressional documents

Google stuff

·        Google | Image | Maps | News | Scholar | Translate | Video

Writing tools

·       Dictionary | Thesaurus | Diagram Sentences | RhymeZone


·       IMDB Internet movie database | Jump the Shark When TV shows fail | Sitcoms online Lots of junk


·       Calculus solve calculus problems | Gapminder amazing world data animations, especially regarding health care | Inflation calculator adjust dollar amounts for inflation | Oracle_of_Kevin_Bacon degrees of separation between actors | Snopes debunk trash you’ve heard from friends or seen on the internet | Stopwatch online stopwatch | Weights/Measures converts units | Wikipedia  first place to look


·       YouTube | Ted Talks 18-minute lectures by everyone | WebCams | ZeitCam time-lapse webcams